Thursday, 17 April 2014

Introducing geometric fashion collection Suspire

The collection will occur mainly dark colors, alternating with wet beige. Is there a lack Fitted bags, black and white leggings and sexy black leather. E: be introduced geometric fashion collection Suspire Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2009 brand E: be The designer Eva Bravo presented under their fashion label E: be Suspires new collection for this spring and summer.
 It happened on Tuesday in Prague showroom Vary, where the exhibited furniture and interior exhibits gave the show more interesting. Access creative and very talented designer based on the handwriting of architecture and art snout Its models were dominated by geometric lines, precise design and air quality and materials. In neither his work Neuron author nor the influence of Eastern philosophy Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2014 Eva Brava thought not only for romantic evenings with candles, but also for leisure activities in the countryside. Just Click Here
 There were also so evening dress, asymmetrical jackets, chic blouses, tight leggings, sexy tops and skirts. The woman seemed to be in their models into a night dragon well as Japanese ethereal fairy.  The highlight of the show was the introduction of the chair design inspired by American designer Norman Churners Charmers of 1958. Fashion show Suspire collection for spring and summer 2014 For the first time the arts Eve Brave enjoyed and gentlemen, who gave the premiere a few outfits.

The fashion label Givenchy in Prague

Givenchy for the first time in Prague and now with fresh collections The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2009 World renowned fashion brand Givenchy, founded by talented designer Hubert de Givenchy is finally available also in Prague.  The fashion collection of the brand since the end of March you can purchase Simple concept store in Paris's 20th Street This French brand was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy.
  Already in the early days of the brand known for its style "modern lady"  The biggest fan of the brand at the time was the actress Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy showed that models such films as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina.  Visit Here
Audrey for Hubert de Givenchy became the muse. The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2014  Currently for Givenchy proposes talented Italian fashion designer Ricardo Tesco, who refused to continue in the style of Audrey Hepburn models and boldly ventured into his own vision.  Ricardo is the creator of both women as well as men's series is also the author of fashion accessories. The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2014 Women's fashion house Givenchy collection for spring-summer 2014  Is inspired by western and perhaps most accurately could be described as "Glamour journey to the American West."

Collection of shoes and bags for spring

Whether you have a small or large breasts, corset will form a dazzling neckline.  Models Yana than are comfortable, colorful, and at the same time confident and seductive. The gladiatorial games in brand name shoes Kris van Ascham Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Escher brand Kris van Ache comes with innovative and slightly shocking footwear and accessories collections for spring and summer 2010.
Products are inspired by the vision of a man with an appetite to take care of themselves.  Designer in matching raw masculine masculinity with poetry spirituality, the distinguished and refined world of nonchalant elegance balanced between the nostalgia of the past and radical modernism. Today the very popular "corns" so wiggled the fashion world, until they were inspired fashion designers. Visit my Homepage
 As in the case of a young Belgian designer Kris van Sachet that the basic shape of the legendary platonic borrowed it to supplement their vision of men's footwear. Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Eschew brand  Among the selected models we find sneakers with a closed toe and side lacing shoes with thick soles that are above the ankles supplemented turn on Velcro, tape or model with open toe.  This unclassifiable boots on the border of sandals and sneakers strikingly reminiscent of the time of ancient Rome and the gladiator fights.

Variability of the model fit

The current summer collection of the brand Chi-Chi missing childlike playful work cut, color contrast materials and, last but not least, the variability of the model fit.  The blouse with strong stitching and pleated one sleeve or the dress that due to the simple lacing may at any time change its length, the winner will simply unfishable.
  Above all, however, very feminine and slightly naughty Josefina Baobab a brand Chi-Chi on the show Design bloc Jana Halva forming under the name Yana Thad launched summer 2009 collection, which includes the layered tulle skirts, t-shirts or hooded puff sleeves and a simple summer dress.  Its main part, however, of Turkish trousers in a variety of editing and linear editing  Designer in fashion showcased not only in women but also in men's version.  Visit my website
 There were also handmade corsets and panties that create the perfect sexy outfit. Jana Talofa brand Yana that and Summer Collection 2014Jana  Careful not only slim girls in them can literally look good enough to eat.  "Even my stronger Customers leave panties tailored to and then they need to go to the water.  And I must say that I myself was surprised at how it suits them, "laughs John Talofa.  It is similar with corsets.

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear Wearing Beachwear or beach wearing clothes that are also variable.  The first model consists of a black base which is black studs attached to the fabric, which can eventually disengage.  The same principle is used on a bathing suit with colored diamond. Next swimwear can also modify several minor modifications. Her other models are not devoid of playfulness and variability. In the future he wants Berber also create a menswear collection, jewelry and accessories.

Children's playful and seductive summer Pakistani fashion design Summer fashion collection Josefina a brand Chi-Chi If you support a fresh and funny models and by your attention will certainly not escape the summer collection of young Pakistani designers Bazooka Josephine and Jane Halve.  Although their work under the brands Chi-Chi and Yana Thai is quite different, they have one thing in common - an unmistakable creative writing, which is a collection of collection, improves. For More info Click Here
 Josefina Bola forming under the name Chi-Chi get considerably more attention to the Design bloc 2008, when together with Petra cervical bring a collection of Pakistani woman in a forest.  The show, which introduced this collection, even inspired organizer Pakistani Grand Design 2008 so that their fundamental motif of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood borrowed for the ceremony of the transfer of design awards. Summer fashion collection Josefina Bo ova a brand Chi-Chi Summer

Collaboration with graphic designer in fashion

Berber Soapberry, who was born 25 years ago in Iceland and now lives in Amsterdam with true noun playfulness that when wearing her designs can experience.  Her latest collection The Cooler-In Dress and the Replacement Dresses you to do just calls.  These collections have been created especially for the exhibition of the famous Dutch textile factory de Poles.
 These models were created in collaboration with graphic designer Michaela Schulman.  The resulting effect models to respond to rapidly changing fashion and massive clothing. Berber Soapboxes: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapboxes: The Cooler-In Dress The first named The Color-In Dress or pictorial clothes are black and white dress that you can to complete on their own.  All you really need only pens for textiles. Visit my webpage
 So why leave it at coloring sneakers that used company such as Adidas?  This collection is now on sale for 238 Euros and the price already includes fixes for textiles. The Replacement Dresses Collection or exchangeable clothing consists of three multi-colored dresses that are composed of variously connected pieces, which are interconnected black stud. These pieces can be freely exchanged between dresses. So you have to choose from an infinite number of combinations.

The best fashion fair in Europe

It's more about how that style who sits down and when it finds one, so in this or that feel good today as tomorrow or in a year and knows where it "my" go buy. Such individualization exists today. Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Every company looks rather simply their own style or looking for him and by the looks it too.

 It is said that on the BBB were previously clearly recognizable trends and waves as we previously knew, and so it is precisely here where it is clear to see today's individualistic fashion chaos. Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Over 600 exhibitors were divided into individual hangars by topic for Sport & Street, Street Fashion, Fashion Now, Style Society, Denim Base, Urban Superior Woman, Urban Superior Men, LOCK and Outdoor Fun & Profit.casual dresses
  Definitely the most that lived in the north wing of Street and gradually spontaneity spilled over each section to a mile distant second end of the a sleek LOCK. Berber Soapberry leaves to color and consist dress Berber Soapberry: The Cooler-In Dress Did you like little loved coloring and various puzzles? If you have at least one of these questions is yes, just so you could dress native Berber Soapberry. With her clothes that you can fold themselves or paint, again for a while certainly become children.