Thursday, 17 April 2014

Collaboration with graphic designer in fashion

Berber Soapberry, who was born 25 years ago in Iceland and now lives in Amsterdam with true noun playfulness that when wearing her designs can experience.  Her latest collection The Cooler-In Dress and the Replacement Dresses you to do just calls.  These collections have been created especially for the exhibition of the famous Dutch textile factory de Poles.
 These models were created in collaboration with graphic designer Michaela Schulman.  The resulting effect models to respond to rapidly changing fashion and massive clothing. Berber Soapboxes: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapboxes: The Cooler-In Dress The first named The Color-In Dress or pictorial clothes are black and white dress that you can to complete on their own.  All you really need only pens for textiles. Visit my webpage
 So why leave it at coloring sneakers that used company such as Adidas?  This collection is now on sale for 238 Euros and the price already includes fixes for textiles. The Replacement Dresses Collection or exchangeable clothing consists of three multi-colored dresses that are composed of variously connected pieces, which are interconnected black stud. These pieces can be freely exchanged between dresses. So you have to choose from an infinite number of combinations.

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