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Introducing geometric fashion collection Suspire

The collection will occur mainly dark colors, alternating with wet beige. Is there a lack Fitted bags, black and white leggings and sexy black leather. E: be introduced geometric fashion collection Suspire Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2009 brand E: be The designer Eva Bravo presented under their fashion label E: be Suspires new collection for this spring and summer.
 It happened on Tuesday in Prague showroom Vary, where the exhibited furniture and interior exhibits gave the show more interesting. Access creative and very talented designer based on the handwriting of architecture and art snout Its models were dominated by geometric lines, precise design and air quality and materials. In neither his work Neuron author nor the influence of Eastern philosophy Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2014 Eva Brava thought not only for romantic evenings with candles, but also for leisure activities in the countryside. Just Click Here
 There were also so evening dress, asymmetrical jackets, chic blouses, tight leggings, sexy tops and skirts. The woman seemed to be in their models into a night dragon well as Japanese ethereal fairy.  The highlight of the show was the introduction of the chair design inspired by American designer Norman Churners Charmers of 1958. Fashion show Suspire collection for spring and summer 2014 For the first time the arts Eve Brave enjoyed and gentlemen, who gave the premiere a few outfits.

The fashion label Givenchy in Prague

Givenchy for the first time in Prague and now with fresh collections The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2009 World renowned fashion brand Givenchy, founded by talented designer Hubert de Givenchy is finally available also in Prague.  The fashion collection of the brand since the end of March you can purchase Simple concept store in Paris's 20th Street This French brand was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy.
  Already in the early days of the brand known for its style "modern lady"  The biggest fan of the brand at the time was the actress Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy showed that models such films as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sabrina.  Visit Here
Audrey for Hubert de Givenchy became the muse. The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2014  Currently for Givenchy proposes talented Italian fashion designer Ricardo Tesco, who refused to continue in the style of Audrey Hepburn models and boldly ventured into his own vision.  Ricardo is the creator of both women as well as men's series is also the author of fashion accessories. The fashion label Givenchy in Prague said collection spring-summer 2014 Women's fashion house Givenchy collection for spring-summer 2014  Is inspired by western and perhaps most accurately could be described as "Glamour journey to the American West."

Collection of shoes and bags for spring

Whether you have a small or large breasts, corset will form a dazzling neckline.  Models Yana than are comfortable, colorful, and at the same time confident and seductive. The gladiatorial games in brand name shoes Kris van Ascham Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Escher brand Kris van Ache comes with innovative and slightly shocking footwear and accessories collections for spring and summer 2010.
Products are inspired by the vision of a man with an appetite to take care of themselves.  Designer in matching raw masculine masculinity with poetry spirituality, the distinguished and refined world of nonchalant elegance balanced between the nostalgia of the past and radical modernism. Today the very popular "corns" so wiggled the fashion world, until they were inspired fashion designers. Visit my Homepage
 As in the case of a young Belgian designer Kris van Sachet that the basic shape of the legendary platonic borrowed it to supplement their vision of men's footwear. Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Eschew brand  Among the selected models we find sneakers with a closed toe and side lacing shoes with thick soles that are above the ankles supplemented turn on Velcro, tape or model with open toe.  This unclassifiable boots on the border of sandals and sneakers strikingly reminiscent of the time of ancient Rome and the gladiator fights.

Variability of the model fit

The current summer collection of the brand Chi-Chi missing childlike playful work cut, color contrast materials and, last but not least, the variability of the model fit.  The blouse with strong stitching and pleated one sleeve or the dress that due to the simple lacing may at any time change its length, the winner will simply unfishable.
  Above all, however, very feminine and slightly naughty Josefina Baobab a brand Chi-Chi on the show Design bloc Jana Halva forming under the name Yana Thad launched summer 2009 collection, which includes the layered tulle skirts, t-shirts or hooded puff sleeves and a simple summer dress.  Its main part, however, of Turkish trousers in a variety of editing and linear editing  Designer in fashion showcased not only in women but also in men's version.  Visit my website
 There were also handmade corsets and panties that create the perfect sexy outfit. Jana Talofa brand Yana that and Summer Collection 2014Jana  Careful not only slim girls in them can literally look good enough to eat.  "Even my stronger Customers leave panties tailored to and then they need to go to the water.  And I must say that I myself was surprised at how it suits them, "laughs John Talofa.  It is similar with corsets.

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear Wearing Beachwear or beach wearing clothes that are also variable.  The first model consists of a black base which is black studs attached to the fabric, which can eventually disengage.  The same principle is used on a bathing suit with colored diamond. Next swimwear can also modify several minor modifications. Her other models are not devoid of playfulness and variability. In the future he wants Berber also create a menswear collection, jewelry and accessories.

Children's playful and seductive summer Pakistani fashion design Summer fashion collection Josefina a brand Chi-Chi If you support a fresh and funny models and by your attention will certainly not escape the summer collection of young Pakistani designers Bazooka Josephine and Jane Halve.  Although their work under the brands Chi-Chi and Yana Thai is quite different, they have one thing in common - an unmistakable creative writing, which is a collection of collection, improves. For More info Click Here
 Josefina Bola forming under the name Chi-Chi get considerably more attention to the Design bloc 2008, when together with Petra cervical bring a collection of Pakistani woman in a forest.  The show, which introduced this collection, even inspired organizer Pakistani Grand Design 2008 so that their fundamental motif of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood borrowed for the ceremony of the transfer of design awards. Summer fashion collection Josefina Bo ova a brand Chi-Chi Summer

Collaboration with graphic designer in fashion

Berber Soapberry, who was born 25 years ago in Iceland and now lives in Amsterdam with true noun playfulness that when wearing her designs can experience.  Her latest collection The Cooler-In Dress and the Replacement Dresses you to do just calls.  These collections have been created especially for the exhibition of the famous Dutch textile factory de Poles.
 These models were created in collaboration with graphic designer Michaela Schulman.  The resulting effect models to respond to rapidly changing fashion and massive clothing. Berber Soapboxes: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapberry: The Color-In Dress Berber Soapboxes: The Cooler-In Dress The first named The Color-In Dress or pictorial clothes are black and white dress that you can to complete on their own.  All you really need only pens for textiles. Visit my webpage
 So why leave it at coloring sneakers that used company such as Adidas?  This collection is now on sale for 238 Euros and the price already includes fixes for textiles. The Replacement Dresses Collection or exchangeable clothing consists of three multi-colored dresses that are composed of variously connected pieces, which are interconnected black stud. These pieces can be freely exchanged between dresses. So you have to choose from an infinite number of combinations.

The best fashion fair in Europe

It's more about how that style who sits down and when it finds one, so in this or that feel good today as tomorrow or in a year and knows where it "my" go buy. Such individualization exists today. Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Every company looks rather simply their own style or looking for him and by the looks it too.

 It is said that on the BBB were previously clearly recognizable trends and waves as we previously knew, and so it is precisely here where it is clear to see today's individualistic fashion chaos. Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Over 600 exhibitors were divided into individual hangars by topic for Sport & Street, Street Fashion, Fashion Now, Style Society, Denim Base, Urban Superior Woman, Urban Superior Men, LOCK and Outdoor Fun & Profit.casual dresses
  Definitely the most that lived in the north wing of Street and gradually spontaneity spilled over each section to a mile distant second end of the a sleek LOCK. Berber Soapberry leaves to color and consist dress Berber Soapberry: The Cooler-In Dress Did you like little loved coloring and various puzzles? If you have at least one of these questions is yes, just so you could dress native Berber Soapberry. With her clothes that you can fold themselves or paint, again for a while certainly become children.

Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe

The biggest fashion fair Bread & Butter in Berlin was Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Europe's largest fashion fair BBB or Bread & Butter Berlin, after a few years in Barcelona, he returned to Berlin, where he started in 2001.  More than 800 exhibitors attracted visitors to the semicircular recently, functional airport in the heart of Berlin.  Trends for next year took up the entire airport Temples hob including hangars and airfield. Promotional materials and visual style was this witty and logically inspired by airports and airlines.  Boutique dresses

With on-board ticket and overly controlled identity you could throw in three days full of fashion and people who enjoy fashion The purpose of the fair is actually showing the trends for next season, i.e. spring and summer 2014. Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe But those classic trends, such as the common colors and similar designs, it is no longer true. Boutique dresses
 Nothing like that no longer works, there are trendy!  The only thing that seems to be in across different styles and brands are the extra thin pants and sunglasses Wayfarer Ruben! Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe Bread & Butter - the largest fashion fair in Europe

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Fashion Jimmy Choom collection for H & M

Fashion Jimmy Choom collection for H & M coming to Pakistani Republic Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Choom for H & M Since 14 November, pulls small mob frenzy for those who want to catch a piece ready Jimmy Choom collection for H & M.  After Matthew Williams and his merry specific model comes a really big star designer.
  On the eve of Prague officially launch the sale of this fashion collection fashion show a magician. Journey today big fashion names Jimmy Choom to the top was not easy. Born in Penang,  Malaysia into a family of a shoemaker His first shoe produced in 11 years. He's lucky to be completed technical studies in London, where he graduated in 1983.  Faculty who graduated today is part of the London school of fashion.

 During his studies he moonlighted in restaurants, or as a cleaner. Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy  Its beginnings can be observed to 1986, when it opened in East London establishment.  For this purpose, even bought an old hospital building  His um was soon recorded a Vogue magazine about him published eight pages in 1988. Two years later the patronage of the actual Princess of Wales Diana  Specially designed fashion collection Jimmy Choom  In 1996, the editor of British Vogue, Tamara Mellon co-founded Jimmy Choom Ltd.

New Pangolin backpack from the French

Backpack Cycles form as the body shell pangolins New Pangolin backpack from the French brand Cycles Small French brand Cyclist dealing with handmade tiles, came up for sale with a new model named Pangolin backpack or pangolin.  Shaped rubber luggage is derived from the body of little known mammals pangolins and opens unconventionally striking composition of cover bands.

 New urban backpack Pangolin or designed for men as well as women, is made of rubber, fabric and nylon.  Paris brand Cyclops focuses on recycling and thus probably not surprising that new or not two feet of luggage is made from recycled tires soul trucks.  The shape was as the name suggests, inspired by the pangolins, which are mammals living in Asia and Africa who he climb trees, have significantly streamlined torso.
 New Pangolin backpack from the French brand Cycled The backpack is made from solid anatomically shaped back and they six lanes on each other, arranged and connected by rubber bands, which after disconnection of the three magnets let pass, allowing access to the contents of the clipboard.  Of course there are the soft inner pockets for notebook, MP3 player or clipboard, pen and mobile phone.  There adjustable straps.  Bag is made refugees from Colombia, which the company seeks to social assistance.

Nicolas Patrol brings psychedelic fashion collection

Nicolas Patrol brings psychedelic fashion collection Nicolas Petrol with the new men's collection Patrol Men Slightly provocative and youthful menswear campaign introduced Nicolas Patrol in the collection Petri Men.  Neither is it the first time, covering the entire face and head models, but the combination of bold patterns, which in the end give a harmonious whole rather elegant clothes are pleasantly bold.  His presentation is as impressive as models.
This year's new men's collection Petri Men wants fashion designer from Cyprus show a lot of what he learned at London University.  A particularly sensitive to combine art and several patterns, performing a show intense experience of the presentation Takes its inspiration from illustrations by Japanese artists such as, and transforms it to comfortable-looking clothing.

Nicolas Patrol with the new men's collection Petron Men  On his official website, featuring over fifty models, especially the upper part, resembling cut men's jacket, shifted farther on connection to some incredible designs, materials or-cut detail Although the main color is gray, black, white, brown and dark blue, is not afraid to use one model striped, checkered, sequin, shiny, dull and hairy, whatever he pleases. Nicolas Patrol with the new men's collection Patrol Men Although his work is based on the classic cuts of suits and other social clothing, mainly due to printing and graphic vector patterns is the result of a casual, youthful and stylish individually.

Intelligence T-shirts post

Approximately every six weeks worked Swedish T-post a new article, which says something about the world in which we live.  Something about how we behave and what we are trying to discover a story that is not completely definitive and lives on This allows the space to think about the end of the continuation of the whole article.
To each other t-shirt, really original and interesting enough, it is proposed every month a new designer. Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence  The entire system is enclosed in that it is a limited edition of the last piece.  How many people register every month, so many T-shirts produced and circulated by post.
Not a single extra and never even get to the shops and that do not produce an excessive amount, saving the environment And one of the few who print the report a little unusual, you overwhelm any advertising. A selection of men's assortment 365boxers a selection of men's assortment 365boxers  It gaiety and variety attracts attention and easily hides any imperfections. "And also you save. From our own experience we know that our clothes have a long life.  One short will last about five years, "quips Jan Music and Hymen Svoboda. New women's collection brand 365boxers new women's collection brand 365boxers

Graphic print on the shirts.

They handle unusual events from the newspaper using a graphic print on the shirt.  They make T-shirts for an event, sometimes parte, sometimes happy memories.  These are all original T-shirts post, which are always handled by a new designer.  Each month, so anywhere in Europe look to your mailbox and find a little surprise.
 Every month we have a birthday and get in the mail between accounts and surprises in the form of original T-shirts. Just arrange a subscription shirts T-post start after three weeks to go directly to your home.  Price for the whole of Europe is the single € 19 for one shirt or approximately 500 Pakistani crowns. Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard For this fee you will receive a fairly decent package.

 which will be treated as current news from the newspapers and design t-shirt design without prior notice Thus, you can know the whole story, which then carry anywhere with you, on your own rather unique trick. Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard.

Special instructional shirts

She admits that it has frequently inspired by the mood of the moment, which illustrates the collection while adding story and atmosphere of the fashion show.  "It does not mean that anyone who wears one of the models will be sad. Indeed, many look very cheerfully, "he adds. Simple geometric shapes that are the basis of these new models allow for many variations of clothing.
"I'm looking for a simple form for more options.  For example, the square, which has only one hole, you have the coveralls, "explains the designer.  The collection also includes special instructional shirts.  "When you wear a ring to be, you do not know how to dress.  Just why this t-shirt on which the manuals In addition, each model can be used in more ways, "says  Iuka three times won the title of Designer of the Year, the largest domestic awards for fashion designers.
 Her work is often described by experts as a distinctive characteristic of the soulful elegance.  Models drawn from the author's originality and are characterized by excellent craftsmanship.  The designer creates women's and men's model, her specialty is "chic" clothing for men and try to always wear customize the personality of who is going to wear. T-post trick to send messages directly to mailbox Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard

Introduced Japanese fashion collection

Introduced Japanese fashion collection Fashion designer unveiled a new collection for spring and summer 2014with the name of the spring sad.  The role models are introduced actress, which among others also face women's collection inspired by Japanese style. MEN'S promotes a number of actors Jan Dolan sky, including her life partner.
When creating a new collection or the spring is sad by Japanese style "Lines and apparel division is the simplest form, as to be a square, rectangle or circle.  According to the Japanese use unlike Europeans for millennia same form and changing materials only. So the local clothing over all innovations kept its traditional look.  Patterns and colors determined by the social group wearer clothes, which was in the past in our country.
 And it was forbidden to built below the band used the colors and patterns of the above constructed.  This in my collection mainly determines the color of the mood, "said the designer. It reveals also that is actually a Japanese-sounding name  The fashion show had a strange melancholy atmosphere.  Mysterious-sounding music ear-catching perfectly possessed with spaces historic gateway to the Castle.  It all relates to the subtitle spring sad.  "When I started creating the first draft, I was just sad, and when spring should rather be merry," he says.

Pakistani shorts from 365 boxers

Pakistani shorts from 365 boxers as a design gem pictures to undergarment from 365boxers. Beautiful and high quality lingerie is not just a woman's domain. It also can produce men's funny and so perfectly fit. A purely Pakistani company 365boxers proves that even shorts can be a nice piece of design.

Constantly new additions are not only masters, but also ladies. Bright colors, bold patterns or logo on rubber and makes the brand recognizable at first glance. Brand 365boxers focuses on customers who want to wear something more interesting clothes than the rest of the population.  Their motto is to be different, yet the peg to taste as many customers.

We are not interested any dull drab colors or patterns.  We try to do a lot of cheerful design with slightly crazy person motives that attracts people because it locks in the rest of bland clothing, "says Hyena Svoboda, one of the owners of the company. A selection of men's assortment 365boxers: In addition to the careful selection of materials 365boxers emphasize the hand sewing products. The most we made sure to cut, we even tried on ourselves, demonstrates this assertion Jan Music, the other co-owner. Each piece passes through the hands of our dressmaker, so it can happen that someone such as hanging threads or one leg was shorter, "says Hymen Svoboda.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Men's and women's collection bears the signs

Acne is now also boasted a collection for autumn winter 2010 season, in which men's and women's collection bears the signs of muted, cool and dark colors.  If you collection brand Acne interested, you can purchase it through online shop.  Or if you are traveling, visit one of these stores.

The closest is located in Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Amsterdam. Sunglasses Cutler and Gross for the period autumn and winter 2014 The new collection, which is divided into spectacles, sun and black, has accurately reflect the mood and style of this period skyscraper Chrysler Building  Frames material combining metal and acetate that could be shaped into a luxury glasses with the essence of art deco style.  Women are the key colors of gold, fiery orange, Bakelite blue and ruby red. Visit Here
 For the men of ocean blue, art deco brown and of course classic black Prescription glasses Cutler and Gross for the period autumn and winter 2014 Overall, the brand has created 27 models of sunglasses, 33 models from purely prescription and 20 special black collections.  Brand has two shops in London and one in Hong Kong. Glasses but can be ordered through the Internet at selected retailers.  Available models have a flat price of $ 430 or about 9,000 Pakistani crowns. Chanel Haute Couture dedicated winter dress with flowers

Gymnastic dress in trendy designs

There are also denim jackets that this season raises again in the limelight. Or a well-known gymnastic dress in trendy designs  The pants, vests, dresses or blouses on offer including short and long fringe, embroidery, geometric patterns and prints.  Usually retains one shade of color, especially those "naked", but I find the more diverse, which are mixed into a sort of colored "rainbow".  On their own this season, fans will come mainly bohemian and ethnic styles.

 Female pop brand Acne collection for spring and summer 2014 Female pop brand  Men's collection is against the knowledge of women's colorful.  The collection is dominated by the classic blue jeans, but enriched with new colors such as yellow and red.  These are combined with cream, black or brown, which appears in trench coats, vests and T-shirts with prints.  As with the women's collection features leather pants and jackets, which are complemented by scarves or shawls made of lightweight materials. Visit my Homepage

Acne masters puts into the more elegant pieces. Men’s pop brand Acne collection for spring and summer 2014 The surprise is that one of the biggest women's fashion trends for this season, which is a Turkish trousers are just part of the men's collection. Models pose many cool, comfortable and stylish.  Sure, it might be one of the models just go to town in the evening to drink or need for a summer festival. Collection brand Acne autumn and winter 2010 Collection brand Acne

The One Pakistani advertising of clothing

This year, the menu also has increased the Slider collection.  That in its own unique design combines straight two ways of measuring time - binary, a classical analogue and the user he can decide which way to measure prefers.  With a simple design binary watch at first glance elegant, but you do not have to take off or while playing sports.

  Among the positive characteristics can be singled out especially long battery life and watch themselves.  Since the time displayed by the diodes, power consumption is small and also ensures good visibility day and night. Pakistani advertising campaign to The One Pakistani advertising campaign to  One of the few celebrities, who can watch The One 01 features, is also co-founder of Apple Steve Wick.  As he says, it's easily one of the most amazing watches ever produced.  Click Here

Those tastefully did a great range of clothing materials with different fashion styles.  Leather, suede, air or metallic substances  Cannot help but notice that in the collection appears a lot of contradictions Care is taken to emphasize the female silhouette, or vice versa does not indicate at all. Men's vests, jackets, slim or vice versa boyfriend jeans, printed leggings, mini or maxi dress. The main men's fashion brand Acne collection for spring and summer 2014

Tom Ford's biggest fashion house in Italy

Italian Frieda Jeannine became in 2006 after the departure of creative director Tom Ford's biggest fashion house in Italy.  He works for the brand Gucci in 2002, but soon began as director of design handbags.  Her collaboration with Mark Rumson on new sports shoes not brought success in each of these countries.

 Each store had an opening VIP party with bands and DJ's, came a lot of famous people and photographers, exactly as it should be at such a prestigious brand.  LED lights in places where they would normally be dial Binary watches are not just about the exact time and long lasting, but also by design.  I therefore comes as the company 01 The One each year with Art's collection of limited editions, which are involved in the world's leading designers and artists.  Visit my website

The One Watches and collection Slider   Currently on the market a new collection for the company which designed the acclaimed Brazilian artist Romero Britton.  His work is characterized by expressionist color patterns and makes her feel the influence of Cubism.  For The One company has created four unique designs, one model belonging to the Special Edition is produced in a globally limited number of 999 pieces. Last year's model suggested artist Kristal Lehman. The One Watches and other collection 01 The One Watches and other collection

Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary

Gucci and Mark Bronson make a limited collection of shoes Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Creative Director Frieda Gianni Gucci brand collaborates with musical artist Mark Ron son on the design of sneakers Icon Temporary This is a limited collection whose business travels around the world. His tour began in New York, and then was in Miami, London, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, where he is now. The new Gucci collection contains sixteen men and two women's pairs of shoes that are classic Gucci design, such as the GG logo, a stylized version of the red and green stripes Each design and earth has their own specific design of shoes.

  Some have gold or silver color, accompanied by white or all black with silver printing. Inside each shoe is embroidered city in which the store is located. Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Gucci is well known and respected brand that has been celebrated for 90 years, so take care of every detail, every shoe therefore have their own exclusive packaging. For More info Click Here
 If you would like to have such a shoe at home, you will pay approximately 10 000 to 28 000 Pakistani crowns.  You can take it virtually anywhere, even if you have a sporty design, just when we match the right clothing. Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary Latest collection of shoes Gucci Icon Temporary and Mark Ransom

The One Watches expanding art collection

The One Watches expanding art collection The One Watches a collection of Romero Britt 01The One Binary watches are working on a system of several diodes, which represent 0 and 1 binary system.  Each point of light represents one bit. Diodes are usually in two columns, one of which is the symbol for hours and one for minutes.

 Reading is simple and fast.  Now comes the expansion of the collection Art Edition, designed by Romero Briton. The watch is based on modern trends, the use of toughened mineral glass and stainless steel is therefore the foundation.  LED lifetime exceeds one million hours and almost loses brightness, which allows you to read the time without problems for bright sun and in complete darkness.  Visit my webpage

The One Watches a collection of Romero  Binary does not last too long  "At first summed and subtracted, but after a while already wearing auxiliary numbers next to LEDs need.  And the chosen ones of us who can read the binary system can be absolutely no worries, "calms technical dullard main Pakistanis distributor of digital watches Martin Divorcé. The One Watches a collection of Romero Briton Watch 01 the one collection and Kristal Lehman  Round variants of binary watches are designed for those who do not want to count

Fashion brand Acne collection

Acne is experimenting with materials in the collection summer 2010 Fashion brand Acne collection for spring and summer 2010 Swedish fashion label Acne has a stylish collection for summer 2010. Appear in the latest fashion trends, such as leather, denim, suede, elastic materials, fringes, embroidery or geometric patterns.  Dominated by earthy tones, complemented by contrasts of red, yellow, cinnamon or iridescent Collection for men and women devoid of originality and style Brand Acne was founded in 1996 in Stockholm.  One of her first vision was to create a hundred pieces jeans. casual dresses

 Early on, the brand Acne was interested Swedish ELLE.  After the show, the magazine, like to have a significant Swedish boutiques among its goods characteristic jeans with bright red stitching from Acne After the success of the market decided artistic director Jonny Johansson venture into designing other pieces of clothing.  And so, in 1998 created the first collection  A soft, luxurious, distinctive and stylish  According Jonny Johansson fashion is the best form of self-expression. casual dresses
 Therefore, people who stand behind the brand Acne, design pieces that are wearable. Main ladies fashion brand Acne collection for spring and summer 2014 Women's collection for spring and summer 2010 is simply stylish, original and fresh. It captures the fashion trends of the season in an unconventional filing designers Acne.

Eyewear collection in the style of the 30s

Cutler and Gross said eyewear collection in the style of the 30s Collection Cutler and Gross glasses for a period of autumn and winter 2014 London brand Cutler and Gross as one of the most imaginative in designing eyewear, launches new collection of sunglasses and prescription eyewear for a period of autumn and winter 2010.  Inspiration for this amazing collection became Tamara de fashion as a major painter of the thirties art deco style.  Boutique dresses

 The sale of both women's and men's models More than 40 years creating a pair Graham Cutler and Tony Gross irresistible spectacle of necessary prescription to the most fashionable sun.  Their glasses to get the cover of the world's leading journals, her fashion story and worn by well-known personalities such as Madonna, Elton John, Trey Songs, Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham. Boutique dresses

 Also starred in many films such as the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace Collection Cutler and Gross glasses for a period of autumn and winter 2014 The latest collection comes with something stunning and has the retro. The brand is inspired by the fashion of the thirties painter Tamara de Pick.  Designers love is expressive use of color in her paintings fashion style art deco, which formed the Polish-born in France. In the new glasses therefore reflects strong silhouette, bold color and high contrast directed against depressive industrial buildings thirties New York.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Graduated in fashion and costume design

Their joint work with high added value, both in technical design, and in the intellectual mission Their intention, however, is often not immediately obvious, and so it is necessary to have time to think.  Need nod chest and projects raises questions and conflicting views, which is an art, but also to any other activity, the essential Julia Kraits and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Kraits and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Katz and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Kant and her collection of Cross-Bearer Julia Frantz graduated in fashion and costume design.

 Enrich their knowledge about management and policy, film and media studies, as the multidisciplinary approach is important broad scientific view.  Young author attaches considerable importance of cross-border cooperation, in which we see the most room for development.  Searches for interaction and dialogue, encourages the sharing of personal opinions and ideas hidden in the products and processes of other designers.  Click Now

 He believes in the power of interdisciplinary teams, hoping for a collective idea generation and rejoices in the creative experiments.  Her work, whether inspired by folklore or the anatomy of the human body has the story. And not just because of her still certainly hear. United Nude is an imaginative and new spring shoes for men The most interesting shoe brand United Nude Spring and summer 2011 Extravagant and also wearable shoe model known brand

Kant is not tied only to a limited fashion line

The result is a series of images with the white female character in a fictional costume Protestant citing the texts of world historical milestones. Ladies jersey American football with disk oiling shoes or sci-fi armor from another dimension  The composition, in all their complexity understandable to the thorough examination may be at first glance interpreted either way. 

Whiteness (English whiteness - whiteness) celebrates rebellion against social  Conventions; popular uprisings and the ability of some individuals to watch despite its vulnerability own way and listen to your conscience. Julia Rants and her collection of Whiteness Julia Kraits and her collection of Whiteness Julia Kraits and her collection of Whiteness Julia Kant and her collection of Whiteness Graphics and comments to the Ukrainian Orange Revolution made after the presidential elections in November 2004, to strike women against intolerable working conditions in London Bryant and May factory in 1988 And gender tribute to Marie Curie it creates a perception of Whiteness, which brings glorification of the struggle for higher goals leading to changes in the effects of noticeable today.   Visit Here

Kant is not tied only to a limited fashion line.  Its main potential lies in the fact that slavishly pays attention not only fashionable, but look for new schemes in connection with photos or graphics.  Created for this purpose within the collection Whiteness and Cross-Bearer duo with stylist and photographer Gary Friskier

Find running shoes with details

From the shoes to find running shoes with details in striking shades, ladies wedge shoes, classic white sneakers for both sexes and men's boat shoes.  Collection Add-ons extend bags and backpacks from black nylon with bright orange accents.  This diverse selection is enhanced by working with long-term contributor Adidas designer Jeremy Scott.

 This is an offer packages that stand out SLVR, but they can be perfectly combined with it. Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Adidas SLVR continues to evolve as the pace of today's world. It emphasizes the importance of life, work and designing smarter and more efficient way. Visit my Homepage 

His idea is based on the fact that the world is moving faster, and therefore we should move with it in Adidas SLVR. Julia Katz provokes experimental white fashion Julia Kraits and her collection of Whiteness The concepts of Swedish designer Julia Kraits must go strong stories and visual experience goes hand in hand.  In his current collection glorifies Whiteness through a combination of fashion, photography and graphic design heroism, courage and desire to be human.

Recycled polyester in clothing

The series features restored using materials such as recycled polyester, bamboo, soy and organic cotton fibers. When creating the Adidas SLVR applies three approaches, namely innovation, tradition and function and tries to be gentle and simple elegance with interesting details.  For this season spring and summer 2011 Nothing Galway and his team were inspired by a sixteen classic, which left in neutral tones and bold pieces highlight the primary colors.

Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Adidas SLVR featuring a stylish sports brand, which blends comfort, simplicity, technology and luxury.  For women taking the new ultra-thin knits, flowing folds of cotton and laminated fabrics  For men, we propose a model in a sign of purity and graphics while maintaining the style of the season.  Visit my website

The top uppers offers university sports jackets, brightly colored anoraks and casual jackets.  Furthermore, we find already a favorite cardigan, polo shirts, tennis dresses, vests and shirts. The lower parts are selected narrow cuts. Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011 Fashion Adidas SLVR collection for spring and summer 2011

A repeated short skirt in autumn collection

With the success of its own boutiques in Canada, Germany, China, Japan and Australia For this year's spring and summer women dressed in ultra short dresses and cigarette pants bright pastel colors. The dress chosen two basic cuts - narrow with smooth sleeves and loose, to sack, with frills and puffed sleeves, central material is satin.

 A repeated short skirt in autumn collection Alexander reaffirms the home and inspiration is Brazil, a country where people believe in the beauty of the human body, which shamelessly show, for example in short skirts.  This time, however, elect oval and up cast cuts in contrast to ivy pass anima pupils.  After glaring summer holds to conservative blacks, Jonathan's red and gray Still promotes printed and patterned materials, satin and lace now also. For More info Click Here

 Man in the second half of the year also puts in black and gray as the main model chosen cube. In addition to classic sweaters and jackets are shocked by the huge cape and shiny leggings.  Absolutely not breathtaking makeup reminiscent beginnings as an underground icon  For makeup style zombie would be worthy of Alfred Hitchcock horror stylist. Adidas comes with a spring collection of eco SLVR Fashion collection Adidas SLVR Collection of clothing and fashion accessories SLVR was established on the 60th anniversary of the sportswear firm Adidas.  Her name is composed of consonants, words and Silver was designed by designer Nothing Galway together with his team

His designs are enduring classics of the fashion weeks

Today, after twenty years in the fashion industry, has Hatch co itch, born in 1971 in Sao Paulo, immigrant family, the reputation of the designer who is able to convert classic to modern, poor to the charming and simple to complicated.  His designs are enduring classics of the fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris, and of course his native Sao Paulo. 
 Globally renowned as an avant-garde designer known for extravagant combination of materials, styles and colors and eclectic prints  His skull symbol became an icon of Brazilian underground 90s. Aleixandre Hench covets and his fashion collection for spring and summer 2014 Penetrate beyond the borders of South America; however, allowed him to jeans collection in the spring of 1998.
 Due to her the pieces began to appear regularly in the fashion houses of London, New York and soon Paris.  Visit my webpage
 For French boutiques to be the first ever collection of Brazilian designer As an international designer initially had a tendency to succumb to the general global trends, from conventionality but was "saved" theory of Marshall McLuhan's global village, the absence of borders and uniform culture due to the mass media. Alexandra Hench co itch and his fashion collection for Spring and Summer 2014  In the spirit of McLuhan's theory boldly proposed collection inspired by the streets of Sao Paulo and in a few years changed the global view of Brazilian fashion

Spring Fashion Collection Pakistani brand

  Ingra cartoonist Janice and mentioned Post teenager is responsible for young graphic designer Petra, "notes the origin of new designs Urban. Spring Fashion Collection Pakistani brand Young Primitive 2012 Young ladies will appeal geometrically stitched shirt Alfa, balloon skirt with elastic waist Donna and Brenda or Kelly a little retro dress with red belt and buckle mirror.  Luxury new scarves are then Troop and Vita. - designer dresses

"With the knowledge and conviction that things must move on, created a model with more complex design solutions  Is particularly precise segmentation of T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and skirts?  A common feature spring collections are metal zippers and pleasant colors, "describes the new collection  The new collection will be available for purchase such as the selling fashion festival Mode Code 15 to 17 April in Prague's Karin Hall.  designer dresses
Alexander Hench convict has a splashy summer collection Alexander Hench convict and his fashion collection for Spring and Summer 2014 Alexander Hench convict is a famous Brazilian designer who practically grew up with fashion.  His mother was a model and introduced him to the basics of modeling and tailoring. He spent his youth in the half-grade Brazilian clubs and Orthodox Jewish schools, this conflict a few years later strongly reflected in his collections.  I then go to spring and summer 2014.

Spring skirts and dresses limited

Young Primitive brings spring skirts and dresses limited Spring Fashion Collection Pakistani brand Young Primitive 2014 Brno fashion brand Young Primitive Fashion is no longer just a creative graphic T-shirts.  The spring 2014 comes with a new collection for girls. We find in it fresh and interesting cut skirts, vests, and a limited collection of retro clothes.  - Designer Clothes
 Our shop wills still young and primitives, which are ready for new creative t-shirts with prints that make up life itself. "All production Young Primitive Fashion arises directly workshop in Brno from carefully selected materials exclusively from Pakistani producers.  This basic material for street wear collection is cotton with eglantine.  It perfectly meets the requirements that are Young Primitive fashion in the first place meet - comfort with a maximum of details, "briefly presents its brand Fillip Urban, founder and chief creative officer of the popular fashion brand. Designer Clothes
 Spring Fashion Collection Pakistani brand Young Primitive 2012 By this time mainly imaginative shirts famous Young Primitive continue expanding.  A novelty t-shirts as disco dancing Disclosures sided acrobatic robot Acrobats, big beat satanically model The Beat, witnesses retro shirt River Ride referring to the legendary computer game or torn T-shirt for teenagers Post teenager.  "Female enriched the range of its design save my soul?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Femme Lawn Collection - pakistan party dresses

لا فاممی لان مجموعہ 2013 لالہ کی طرف سے حال ہی میں نازل ہوا ہے ۔ اس مجموعہ میں کچھ خواتین کے لئے لان کے سوٹ کڑھائی ہیں ۔ پچھلے مجموعے لالہ کی طرح چند مختلف ڈیزائن مجموعہ ہے اور ہر ڈیزائن مختلف رنگ امتزاجات میں پیش کیا گیا ہے ۔ اس مجموعہ میں مربغ کے لئے three-piece سوٹ جس میں دوپیٹت، ٹرووسر اور شرٹ شامل ہیں ۔ لا فاممی لان مجموعہ 2013 لالہ کی طرف سے بہت ہی روشن اور موسم گرما پرنٹس کافی اچھے کپڑے بنانے کے لیے استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے ۔ لا فاممی لان مجموعہ 2013 لالہ کی طرف سے اس طرح اپنے سٹیلاشنیسس کے لیے بہت سی خواتین کی طرف سے پسند کریں گے ۔  pakistan party dresses

لالہ ٹیکسٹائل پاکستان میں بہترین ٹیکسٹائل فرموں میں سے ایک ہے ۔ یہ زیادہ تر عورتوں کے لئے عظیم کپڑے فراہم کرتا ہے ۔ یہ مختلف موسموں کے لئے مناسب کپڑے کی کئی مختلف اقسام فراہم کرتا ہے ۔ مثال یہ گرم سوتی کپڑے کے لیے موسم سرما فراہم کرتا ہے اور موسم گرما کے لئے ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا لان چھاپتا ہے ۔ لالہ اب پاکستان اور وہ اچھے معیار کے ہیں لیکن ان کی قیمتوں میں کافی معقول ہیں کیونکہ اس کے کپڑے خریدنے کے لئے ملک چاہتے ہیں تمام عورتوں میں بہت مقبول ہے ۔ لالہ لا فاممی، ثنا سامعہ، کاسا اور لالہ کلاسک جیسے برانڈز ہیں. ایک سال میں بہت سے مختلف مجموعے لالہ کی طرف سے جاری کر سکتی ہے ۔ فرم مختلف ریٹیل برانڈز کے تحت نئے مجموعے ریلیز ہے ۔ مثال کے لئے یہ ثنا سامعہ کیلیبری مجموعہ 2013 چند روز واپس اور رکھے مجموعہ 2013 جاری کچھ اس سے پہلے وقت ۔ لالہ کے کپڑے دستیاب ہیں بہت آسانی سے جیسا کہ وہ پاکستان میں بہت سے تانے بانے دکانوں کے ذریعے فروخت کر رہے ہیں ۔  pakistan party dresses

Clothing Casual Wear Collection - high heels

رونگین لباس پاکستان میں معروف اور مقبول فیشن برانڈ سمجھا جاتا ہے ۔ رونگین کپڑے کی اہم مصنوعات لائنوں آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن، رسمی پہن، نیم رسمی پہن، پارٹی پہن، پہننے کے لیے تیار ہیں ۔ رونگین لباس 2013 ء اپنے تازہ ترین اور خصوصی آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن مجموعہ خواتین کے لئے حال ہی میں آغاز کیا ہے ۔ یہ آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن مجموعہ 2013 میں بہت خوبصورت اور مہذب ہے ۔ یہ خصوصی آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن مجموعہ 2013 کو موسم بہار اور موسم گرما کے موسم کے لیے خاص طور پر ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے ۔ یہ آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن کے مجموعہ 2013 میں شرٹ اور پاجامے اور چورادر پاجامھ کے ساتھ فراکس ہے. سب آرام دہ اور پرسکون کپڑے جدید فیشن رجحانات اور اسالیب کے مطابق ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے ۔ یہ آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن کے مجموعہ میں 2013 اعلی معیار اور منفرد لیکن تازہ ترین چیرلیا طرزوں کے ساتھ ساتھ بہترین تانے بانے مواد رونگین لباس استعمال کیا جاتا ہے ۔ تازہ ترین اور خصوصی آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن مجموعہ 2013 رونگین لباس کی طرف سے ایک فوری نظر دے آؤ ۔  high heels

اس کے علاوہ اس مجموعہ میں تمام آرام دہ اور پرسکون کپڑے کے ساتھ کشیدہ کاری کام، فیتے کام آراستہ کر رہے ہیں اور بٹن کام کرتے ہیں ۔ یہ خوبصورت فینسی کام اس مجموعہ کے ساتھ ساتھ خوفناک زیادہ خوبصورت بناتا ہے ۔ اس پوسٹ میں, ہم رونگین لباس آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہن مجموعہ 2013 ء برائے خواتین کی بس چند تصاویر پیش کر رہے ہیں ۔ اگر ہم رنگ پھر رونگین لباس کے بارے میں استعمال ہونے والی سیاہ رنگ سبز، سفید، زرد بات، براؤن وغیرہ وغیرہ ۔ پس جو خواتین اور نوجوان لڑکیاں جو آرام دہ اور پرسکون اور رسمی تنظیموں کا مجموعہ پہننا چاہتے ہیں وہ کپڑے رونگین کپڑے خریدنے چاہئے ۔    high heels
مختصر یہ کہ تمام آرام دہ اور پرسکون کپڑے خوبصورت اور مہذب ہوتے ہیں ۔ آپ کو آپ کی جماعتیں اور بھی رسمی افعال پر یہ آرام دہ اور پرسکون کپڑے پہن سکتا ہے ۔ ان رنگین اور خوبصورت لباس پہننے کی طرف سے، آپ بے شک خوبصورت اور خوبصورت نظر آئے گا ۔ چنانچہ تمام جدید خواتین اور نوجوان لڑکیاں چند تصاویر جو درج ذیل ہیں چیک کرنا چاہئے اور وہ بے شک و کہیں گے...

Sapphire Lawn for Women - Online Shopping in Karachi

نیلمنی لان ثانیہ ماسکاتیا 2013 کی طرف سے خواتین کے لئے سب کے اجراء کے لیے تیار ہے ۔ چھپائی کی تصاویر میں سے کچھ نازل کی گئی ہے ۔ اس کی پہلی لان کلیکشن ثانیہ ماسکاتیا کی ہے ۔ نیلمنی لان ثانیہ ماسکاتیا 2013 کی طرف سے خواتین کے لئے سلی طور انسٹاٹچ لان تنظیموں شامل ہوں گے ۔ صرف شرٹ سٹاٹچ پیش کی جائے گی جبکہ انسٹاٹچ سوٹ three-piece ہو گی ۔ اس مجموعہ میں مختلف پرنٹنگ اور تراکیب بنائی خصوصیات. سوٹ لان شفون، جاکقآرد اور دابی سے ملا ہے ۔ اپنی مرضی کے مطابق ڈیزائن کیا فیتے بھی کچھ کپڑے کے ساتھ کی پیشکش کی ہے ۔ 14 اصل ڈیزائن مجموعہ نہیں ہو گی ۔ قیمت کی حد کے اس لان مجموعہ ثانیہ ماسکاتیا کی طرف سے میں اسٹائلش کپڑے روپے 4450 روپے 5950 کرنا ہو گا ۔ تو, نیلم لان ثانیہ ماسکاتیا 2013 کی طرف سے باہر چیک کریں.  Online Shopping in Karachi

ثانیہ ماسکاتیا ایک بہت ہی معروف فیشن ڈیزائنر ہے ۔ اگرچہ وہ فیشن ڈیزائن 2007 میں شروع کر دیا، اس لیبل 2010 میں شروع کی گئی تھی ۔ وہ اس prêt پہننے کے لئے جانا جاتا ہے ۔ بہر حال، وہ باقاعدہ پہن ہاوٹی کوطری بھی فراہم کرتا ہے ۔ اس قابل ذکر مجموعے ثانیہ ماسکاتیا اران مجموعہ 2012، ثانیہ ماسکاتیا متیالا مجموعہ، دالکاش مجموعہ، واہگہ مجموعہ اور لوکم دِکھتا مجموعہ شامل ہیں ۔ اس اہم سٹور کراچی میں واقع ہے لیکن اس کپڑے کے ذریعے ملٹی برانڈ سٹورز بھی فراہم کی جاتی ہیں ۔ اس مجموعہ کے لئے یہ سراہی ڈیزائنر کے ساتھ نیلم ٹیکسٹائل مل ہے کر ۔ نیلمنی ٹی  Click Now 

نیلم لان ثانیہ ماسکاتیا 2013 کی طرف سے ایک چپکے سے جھانکنا خواتین کے لئے نیچے دیئے گئے ہیں ۔ اس مجموعہ کی چند تصاویر کے نیچے دیے گئے ہیں ۔ لان مجموعہ سانہ سرفراز کی طرف سے توثیق کی گئی ہے ۔ فوٹو گرافر نادر ملک فیروز خان ہے ۔ شررنگار اور بال رانا خان کی طرف سے ہے ۔ خواتین کے لئے نیلمنی لان ثانیہ ماسکاتیا 2013 ء سے مارچ 2013 ء کے پہلے ہفتے میں شروع کیا جائے گا ۔ یہ ایک نمائش پاکستان کے ذریعے مختلف شہروں میں شروع ہو جائے گا ۔ مزید معلومات کے لئے، ثانیہ ماسکاتیا کے فیس بک صفحے پر جائيں ۔

Summer Collection 2013 For Girls - kurta shalwar

ہم آپ کے ساتھ اشتراک کرنے کے لئے جا رہے ہیں اس پوسٹ میں ایک نئے تارکین فیشن برانڈ پایوانڈ کی تازہ ترین موسم گرما مجموعہ 2013.Paivand جو قائم کیا ہے ایک لباس برانڈ نے حال ہی میں فاٹیمہ نایانا کی طرف سے ہے ۔ پایوانڈ آگیا ہے اور اپ کے مشن کے ساتھ اس میدان میں کرنا ہے اپنی الماری کے لئے ایک موسمی اور کبھی کبھار مجموعہ ہے ۔پایوانڈ موسم گرما مجموعہ 2013 لڑکیوں کے لئے سٹائل اور کمی کا مکمل ساتھ حال ہی میں آغاز کیا ہے ۔  kurta shalwar

پایوانڈ موسم گرما کے موسم کے لیے اپنا پہلا مجموعہ کے ساتھ فیشن کے منظر نامے پر ابھر کر سامنے آئے ہیں ۔مجموعہ پایوانڈ 2013 کی طرف سے ہے اس سال موسمِ گرما کی شرٹ اور پاجامے اور سرکتی کے ساتھ فراکس پر مشتمل ہے ۔یہ مجموعہ بھی شامل trendy سٹائل میں کلوٹچاس ۔پایوانڈ اس کے موسم گرما کے مجموعہ سے مختلف قسم کی کڑھائی، پاپانس، لاسیس اور بٹن کام امبیلاش ہے ۔پیچ کا کام یہ مجموعہ ہے جس میں ان سے زیادہ خوبصورت اور نفیس کپڑے بنانے میں بھی کیا جاتا ہے ۔  kurta shalwar
 پایوانڈ موسم گرما کے مجموعہ 2013 جامنی، زرد، سبز، سرخ اور وغیرہ وغیرہ جیسے روشن رنگوں سے آراستہ ہے ۔مزید برآں یہ کامل آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہننے کا مجموعہ ہے لیکن جنگ جماعتوں میں بھی کیا جا سکتا ۔وہ سب کے سب trendy اور فنکارانہ اپنی stitching انداز اور ڈیزائن میں ہیں ۔لڑکیاں!! آرام دہ اور پرسکون پہننے کے کپڑے پایوانڈ 2013 کی طرف سے اگر آپ سے محبت آپ کے لئے بہترین ہیں یہ موسم گرما کپڑے پہننے کے لئے تیار رہیں ۔آئیے اس خوبصورت مجموعہ نیچے پایوانڈ یہاں سے ملاحظہ کریں...