Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Special instructional shirts

She admits that it has frequently inspired by the mood of the moment, which illustrates the collection while adding story and atmosphere of the fashion show.  "It does not mean that anyone who wears one of the models will be sad. Indeed, many look very cheerfully, "he adds. Simple geometric shapes that are the basis of these new models allow for many variations of clothing.
"I'm looking for a simple form for more options.  For example, the square, which has only one hole, you have the coveralls, "explains the designer.  The collection also includes special instructional shirts.  "When you wear a ring to be, you do not know how to dress.  Just why this t-shirt on which the manuals In addition, each model can be used in more ways, "says  Iuka three times won the title of Designer of the Year, the largest domestic awards for fashion designers.
 Her work is often described by experts as a distinctive characteristic of the soulful elegance.  Models drawn from the author's originality and are characterized by excellent craftsmanship.  The designer creates women's and men's model, her specialty is "chic" clothing for men and try to always wear customize the personality of who is going to wear. T-post trick to send messages directly to mailbox Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard

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