Thursday, 17 April 2014

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear

The designer has also created a collection of swimwear Wearing Beachwear or beach wearing clothes that are also variable.  The first model consists of a black base which is black studs attached to the fabric, which can eventually disengage.  The same principle is used on a bathing suit with colored diamond. Next swimwear can also modify several minor modifications. Her other models are not devoid of playfulness and variability. In the future he wants Berber also create a menswear collection, jewelry and accessories.

Children's playful and seductive summer Pakistani fashion design Summer fashion collection Josefina a brand Chi-Chi If you support a fresh and funny models and by your attention will certainly not escape the summer collection of young Pakistani designers Bazooka Josephine and Jane Halve.  Although their work under the brands Chi-Chi and Yana Thai is quite different, they have one thing in common - an unmistakable creative writing, which is a collection of collection, improves. For More info Click Here
 Josefina Bola forming under the name Chi-Chi get considerably more attention to the Design bloc 2008, when together with Petra cervical bring a collection of Pakistani woman in a forest.  The show, which introduced this collection, even inspired organizer Pakistani Grand Design 2008 so that their fundamental motif of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood borrowed for the ceremony of the transfer of design awards. Summer fashion collection Josefina Bo ova a brand Chi-Chi Summer

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