Thursday, 17 April 2014

Introducing geometric fashion collection Suspire

The collection will occur mainly dark colors, alternating with wet beige. Is there a lack Fitted bags, black and white leggings and sexy black leather. E: be introduced geometric fashion collection Suspire Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2009 brand E: be The designer Eva Bravo presented under their fashion label E: be Suspires new collection for this spring and summer.
 It happened on Tuesday in Prague showroom Vary, where the exhibited furniture and interior exhibits gave the show more interesting. Access creative and very talented designer based on the handwriting of architecture and art snout Its models were dominated by geometric lines, precise design and air quality and materials. In neither his work Neuron author nor the influence of Eastern philosophy Fashion show Suspires collection for spring and summer 2014 Eva Brava thought not only for romantic evenings with candles, but also for leisure activities in the countryside. Just Click Here
 There were also so evening dress, asymmetrical jackets, chic blouses, tight leggings, sexy tops and skirts. The woman seemed to be in their models into a night dragon well as Japanese ethereal fairy.  The highlight of the show was the introduction of the chair design inspired by American designer Norman Churners Charmers of 1958. Fashion show Suspire collection for spring and summer 2014 For the first time the arts Eve Brave enjoyed and gentlemen, who gave the premiere a few outfits.

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