Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Intelligence T-shirts post

Approximately every six weeks worked Swedish T-post a new article, which says something about the world in which we live.  Something about how we behave and what we are trying to discover a story that is not completely definitive and lives on This allows the space to think about the end of the continuation of the whole article.
To each other t-shirt, really original and interesting enough, it is proposed every month a new designer. Intelligence T-shirts post sent directly to the clipboard Intelligence  The entire system is enclosed in that it is a limited edition of the last piece.  How many people register every month, so many T-shirts produced and circulated by post.
Not a single extra and never even get to the shops and that do not produce an excessive amount, saving the environment And one of the few who print the report a little unusual, you overwhelm any advertising. A selection of men's assortment 365boxers a selection of men's assortment 365boxers  It gaiety and variety attracts attention and easily hides any imperfections. "And also you save. From our own experience we know that our clothes have a long life.  One short will last about five years, "quips Jan Music and Hymen Svoboda. New women's collection brand 365boxers new women's collection brand 365boxers

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