Thursday, 17 April 2014

Collection of shoes and bags for spring

Whether you have a small or large breasts, corset will form a dazzling neckline.  Models Yana than are comfortable, colorful, and at the same time confident and seductive. The gladiatorial games in brand name shoes Kris van Ascham Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Escher brand Kris van Ache comes with innovative and slightly shocking footwear and accessories collections for spring and summer 2010.
Products are inspired by the vision of a man with an appetite to take care of themselves.  Designer in matching raw masculine masculinity with poetry spirituality, the distinguished and refined world of nonchalant elegance balanced between the nostalgia of the past and radical modernism. Today the very popular "corns" so wiggled the fashion world, until they were inspired fashion designers. Visit my Homepage
 As in the case of a young Belgian designer Kris van Sachet that the basic shape of the legendary platonic borrowed it to supplement their vision of men's footwear. Collection of shoes and bags for spring and summer 2014 by Kris van Eschew brand  Among the selected models we find sneakers with a closed toe and side lacing shoes with thick soles that are above the ankles supplemented turn on Velcro, tape or model with open toe.  This unclassifiable boots on the border of sandals and sneakers strikingly reminiscent of the time of ancient Rome and the gladiator fights.

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