Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Introduced Japanese fashion collection

Introduced Japanese fashion collection Fashion designer unveiled a new collection for spring and summer 2014with the name of the spring sad.  The role models are introduced actress, which among others also face women's collection inspired by Japanese style. MEN'S promotes a number of actors Jan Dolan sky, including her life partner.
When creating a new collection or the spring is sad by Japanese style "Lines and apparel division is the simplest form, as to be a square, rectangle or circle.  According to the Japanese use unlike Europeans for millennia same form and changing materials only. So the local clothing over all innovations kept its traditional look.  Patterns and colors determined by the social group wearer clothes, which was in the past in our country.
 And it was forbidden to built below the band used the colors and patterns of the above constructed.  This in my collection mainly determines the color of the mood, "said the designer. It reveals also that is actually a Japanese-sounding name  The fashion show had a strange melancholy atmosphere.  Mysterious-sounding music ear-catching perfectly possessed with spaces historic gateway to the Castle.  It all relates to the subtitle spring sad.  "When I started creating the first draft, I was just sad, and when spring should rather be merry," he says.

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