Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pakistani shorts from 365 boxers

Pakistani shorts from 365 boxers as a design gem pictures to undergarment from 365boxers. Beautiful and high quality lingerie is not just a woman's domain. It also can produce men's funny and so perfectly fit. A purely Pakistani company 365boxers proves that even shorts can be a nice piece of design.

Constantly new additions are not only masters, but also ladies. Bright colors, bold patterns or logo on rubber and makes the brand recognizable at first glance. Brand 365boxers focuses on customers who want to wear something more interesting clothes than the rest of the population.  Their motto is to be different, yet the peg to taste as many customers.

We are not interested any dull drab colors or patterns.  We try to do a lot of cheerful design with slightly crazy person motives that attracts people because it locks in the rest of bland clothing, "says Hyena Svoboda, one of the owners of the company. A selection of men's assortment 365boxers: In addition to the careful selection of materials 365boxers emphasize the hand sewing products. The most we made sure to cut, we even tried on ourselves, demonstrates this assertion Jan Music, the other co-owner. Each piece passes through the hands of our dressmaker, so it can happen that someone such as hanging threads or one leg was shorter, "says Hymen Svoboda.

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