Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tom Ford's biggest fashion house in Italy

Italian Frieda Jeannine became in 2006 after the departure of creative director Tom Ford's biggest fashion house in Italy.  He works for the brand Gucci in 2002, but soon began as director of design handbags.  Her collaboration with Mark Rumson on new sports shoes not brought success in each of these countries.

 Each store had an opening VIP party with bands and DJ's, came a lot of famous people and photographers, exactly as it should be at such a prestigious brand.  LED lights in places where they would normally be dial Binary watches are not just about the exact time and long lasting, but also by design.  I therefore comes as the company 01 The One each year with Art's collection of limited editions, which are involved in the world's leading designers and artists.  Visit my website

The One Watches and collection Slider   Currently on the market a new collection for the company which designed the acclaimed Brazilian artist Romero Britton.  His work is characterized by expressionist color patterns and makes her feel the influence of Cubism.  For The One company has created four unique designs, one model belonging to the Special Edition is produced in a globally limited number of 999 pieces. Last year's model suggested artist Kristal Lehman. The One Watches and other collection 01 The One Watches and other collection

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