Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Pangolin backpack from the French

Backpack Cycles form as the body shell pangolins New Pangolin backpack from the French brand Cycles Small French brand Cyclist dealing with handmade tiles, came up for sale with a new model named Pangolin backpack or pangolin.  Shaped rubber luggage is derived from the body of little known mammals pangolins and opens unconventionally striking composition of cover bands.

 New urban backpack Pangolin or designed for men as well as women, is made of rubber, fabric and nylon.  Paris brand Cyclops focuses on recycling and thus probably not surprising that new or not two feet of luggage is made from recycled tires soul trucks.  The shape was as the name suggests, inspired by the pangolins, which are mammals living in Asia and Africa who he climb trees, have significantly streamlined torso.
 New Pangolin backpack from the French brand Cycled The backpack is made from solid anatomically shaped back and they six lanes on each other, arranged and connected by rubber bands, which after disconnection of the three magnets let pass, allowing access to the contents of the clipboard.  Of course there are the soft inner pockets for notebook, MP3 player or clipboard, pen and mobile phone.  There adjustable straps.  Bag is made refugees from Colombia, which the company seeks to social assistance.

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