Monday, 14 April 2014

His designs are enduring classics of the fashion weeks

Today, after twenty years in the fashion industry, has Hatch co itch, born in 1971 in Sao Paulo, immigrant family, the reputation of the designer who is able to convert classic to modern, poor to the charming and simple to complicated.  His designs are enduring classics of the fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris, and of course his native Sao Paulo. 
 Globally renowned as an avant-garde designer known for extravagant combination of materials, styles and colors and eclectic prints  His skull symbol became an icon of Brazilian underground 90s. Aleixandre Hench covets and his fashion collection for spring and summer 2014 Penetrate beyond the borders of South America; however, allowed him to jeans collection in the spring of 1998.
 Due to her the pieces began to appear regularly in the fashion houses of London, New York and soon Paris.  Visit my webpage
 For French boutiques to be the first ever collection of Brazilian designer As an international designer initially had a tendency to succumb to the general global trends, from conventionality but was "saved" theory of Marshall McLuhan's global village, the absence of borders and uniform culture due to the mass media. Alexandra Hench co itch and his fashion collection for Spring and Summer 2014  In the spirit of McLuhan's theory boldly proposed collection inspired by the streets of Sao Paulo and in a few years changed the global view of Brazilian fashion

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