Monday, 14 April 2014

A repeated short skirt in autumn collection

With the success of its own boutiques in Canada, Germany, China, Japan and Australia For this year's spring and summer women dressed in ultra short dresses and cigarette pants bright pastel colors. The dress chosen two basic cuts - narrow with smooth sleeves and loose, to sack, with frills and puffed sleeves, central material is satin.

 A repeated short skirt in autumn collection Alexander reaffirms the home and inspiration is Brazil, a country where people believe in the beauty of the human body, which shamelessly show, for example in short skirts.  This time, however, elect oval and up cast cuts in contrast to ivy pass anima pupils.  After glaring summer holds to conservative blacks, Jonathan's red and gray Still promotes printed and patterned materials, satin and lace now also. For More info Click Here

 Man in the second half of the year also puts in black and gray as the main model chosen cube. In addition to classic sweaters and jackets are shocked by the huge cape and shiny leggings.  Absolutely not breathtaking makeup reminiscent beginnings as an underground icon  For makeup style zombie would be worthy of Alfred Hitchcock horror stylist. Adidas comes with a spring collection of eco SLVR Fashion collection Adidas SLVR Collection of clothing and fashion accessories SLVR was established on the 60th anniversary of the sportswear firm Adidas.  Her name is composed of consonants, words and Silver was designed by designer Nothing Galway together with his team

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